Over 25 years of experience

    Tranz-Tel sp. z o.o. has been in the market since 1990.

    Tranz-Tel, managed in line with ISO standards, is a dynamically growing company which has been designing and implementing cutting edge solutions for mining and other industry branches for over 25 years.

Areas of activity

    Tranz-Tel provides complex system installations:

    • wireless underground communication,
    • underground data transmission and visualisation,
    • underground tracking of personnel and vehicles,
    • automation and coal sampling for mining processing industry,
    • low-current systems for intelligent buildings, industry buildings and public utility buildings..

    We also provide systems and maintenance services for the mining and heavy industry:

    • automated systems for flocculent preparation and dosing,
    • coal flotation control systems,
    • sensors and measurement equipment,
    • complex modernisation of mine control rooms,
    • video wall installations.

    For the needs of our projects, in line with the ISO Quality Management System, we design and manufacture specialist equipment meeting highest quality and safety standards:

    • intrinsically safe battery back-up power supply units,
    • intrinsically safe data transmission and radio communication equipment,
    • intrinsically safe personnel and vehicle transceivers ,
    • torque meters.

    As the the sales representative of Western European  manufacturers we provide :

    • laboratory meters and analysers for the food and beverage plants (Steinfurth),
    • intrinsically safe valves and switches (Conflow),
    • industrial valves (Conflow Spa),
    • heat exchangers (GreenField),
    • gas meters and sensors (Dextens).


    In 1996 TRANZ-TEL introduced successfully the Quality Management System ISO 9002, which requires the use of certified equipment and high standard of service.

    The currently held Certificate of Registration covers the following:

    • design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of industrial electronic, automatic and mechanical equipment for mining and service thereof,
    • design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of telecommunications systems, networks and installations,
    • sales of products and merchandise.


    • professional approach meeting our customers’ needs,
    • constant development of our products and technologies,
    • personal development and enhancement of our employees’ satisfaction.

Our customers

    Our long-term customers include:

    • hard coal, brown coal and hard rock mines,
    • power and thermal power plants,
    • food and beverage industry plants,
    • public administration authorities,
    • general contractors.
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