ARGUS - Personnel, vehicle & asset tracking system

    ARGUS is a professional, flexible and comprehensive system for tracking personnel and assets.

    ARGUS not only meets the requirements for safety systems with the ATEX certificate and the WUG (Chief Inspectorate of Mines) authorization but also has a positive influence on mine safety itself –the ARGUS system is irreplaceable during rescue operations.

    ARGUS is an intrinsically safe system using auto diagnostics that provide the appropriatefunctioning of the whole structure and its components.

    System functions

    Tracking of personnel

    Management of assets

    System structure

    Opinions and awards

MCA 1000 - Intrinsically safe radio communication system

    The MCA 1000digi leaky feeder based communication system provides wireless voice and digital data transmission in mines and other confined space environments.

    System Functions

    Leaky feeder cable – principle of operation

    The MCA-1000 radio communication system has been installed at the following plants

Video wall installations

    Video wall installations find their application in control rooms of industrial plants (mines, power plants, thermal power plants), traffic control centres, telecoms companies, television studios and others.

    Large format video walls can be constructed based on various technologies, e.g.: LCD monitors connected seamlessly, providing one coherent picture – this is a most advanced solution offered by equipment manufacturers since 2009, continuously developed, cost-effective in operation and at the same time providing excellent picture quality - high resolution, brightness, contrast as well as utmost flexibility and functionality of the system.

    Modern mining machines and equipment are packed with various autodiagnostic functions – working parameters can be easily transmitted to the surface control centre, where they can be visualized on large format monitors or video walls using our proprietary mine dispatch SCADA system Monsteer-D.

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