We specialise in the construction of complex system installations, especially low-current systems for intelligent buildings, industry buildings and public utility buildings.

    • Electric installations
      - mounting cable ducts
      - internal supply lines
      - prefabrication of electric switchgears and control boxes
      - lighting systems
      - measurement of electric installations

    • Structural networks
      - wiring
      - installation of automatic control
      - measurements

    • Building automation systems  
      - control and measurement instruments and automation
      - building management systems (BMS)
      - switchgears for electrical systems and industrial automation
    • Fire alarm systems
    • Voice alarm Systems
    • Video surveillance (CCTV)
    • Anti-theft and access control systems

List of exemplary sites and works

    "Zielony Zakątek", Warszawa, Poland

    Modernisation of Coal Processing Plant "COROIESTI", Romania

    Coal Mine "Kolubara", Serbia

    Zinc and Copper Mine Cayeli, Turkey

    Silesia City Centre, Katowice, Poland

    Olympic Centre, Warszawa, Poland

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